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I tell every single desire I feel--

a fanfic community w/ Indonesian langue.

Reality, near from Fantasy----Fanfiction community
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A fanfic community in Indonesian Language; built by minamoto-yui :3

Hello, Hello! I might be awkward. But who knows? Two of us might be fate.

lol. This is a fanfic community built by minamoto_yui. Will be posted with 100% Indonesian, since I don't have any good chance in english lol. Fandom will be the main characters in my fic. Some characters would be added if needed. Can not write any smut genre till now, dunno Y. every single comment will be very appreciated. thankyew!
The writer loves so many fandoms. Pearl Red and Pearlescent Blue are her blood(s). Angst is her fave genre of any fics. TVXQ & SHINee are love. Adobe Photoshop a-ddicted! Music is her half.